mindlesspunk77 (mindlesspunk77) wrote in oldschoolgames,

huge sega cd genesis and snes rpg sale!

ok kids! let me know if your interested sorry for the huge post.prices are negotiable!


Lufia I........40
Final Fantasy III...85 --SOLD
Dungeons and Dragons Eye of the Beholder.......15
Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run........5
The 7th Saga........20
Street Fighter II...........8
Demons Crest...........30
Chrono Trigger..........95
Breath of Fire II.......40
Robo Trech...............20
Tecmo Super Bowl III ....15
Secret of Evermore .......20 ----SOLD
Super Tennis ....5
Castlevania IV ...20----SOLD
Super Mario RPG....65 ----SOLD
Illusion of Gaia w/shirt sealed....40

warrior of rome boxed 10
phantasy star 4 b/i 40---SOLD
phantasy star 3 b/i 25
phantasy star 2 b/i 20
shinning force 2 b/i 50---SOLD
shinning force b/i 35---SOLD
new horizons b/i/map 55---SOLD
shinning in the darkness b/i 15----SOLD
marble madness b/i/EA poster 15
castlevania bloodlines b/i 20---SOLD
faery tale b/i 15
rings of power b/i/map 25
ad&d warriors of the eternal sun b/i 15
starflight b/i 15
shove it b/i 15
battlemaster boxed 10
pirates gold b/i/map/warranty card 50--SOLD
might and magic b/i 25
jungle strike b/i/mutant league football poster 10


Lunar Silver Star Story 45---SOLD
Lunar Eternal Blue 70 ---SOLD
Dracula Unleashed 10
Popful Mail 50-----SOLD
Fahrenheit 10
Rise of the Dragon 15
World Cup USA 94 5
Flashback 15
Jurassic Park 8
Third World War 40
Dark Wizard 30----SOLD
Cliffhanger 5
Bill Walsh College Football 5
Batman and Robin 10---SOLD
Heart of the Alien 30
Prize Fighter 5
Sherlock Holmes II 20
Bram Stoker’s Dracula 5
Mansion of Hidden Souls 20
Ground Zero Texas 15
Wirehead 15
Trivial Pursuit 8
Vay no back 25 ---SOLD
Double Switch 10
Willy Beamish 25
Lethal Enforcers no back 10
Time Gal 20
Final Fight 30
Dragons Lair 20
Robo Aleste 20
Space Ace 15
Shining Force CD 50----SOLD
Sega CD Back up Ram Cart 40
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