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Desperately need money!

I am selling my complete Atari 2600 collection which includes the following;

-Working console including all electrical hook-ups
-2 paddle controls
-2 joystick controls
-Game box which holds 16 games

And the following titles

1.Asteroids 2.Astroblast 3.Ball Blazer 4.Battle Zone 5.Berzerk 6.Black Jack 7.Breakout 8.Canyon Bomber 9.Combat (5 copies) 10.Commando Raid 11.Crystal Castles (boxed) 12.Dark Cavern 13.Demon Attack 14.Demons to Diamonds 15.Donkey Kong Jr. (boxed) 16.ET 17.Football 18.Frogs and Flies 19.Frogger (2 copies) 20.Galaxian 21.Gorf 22.Hangman 23.Jr. Pac-Man 24.Jungle Hunt 25.Missile Command 26.Moon Patrol 27.Pac-Man 28.Phoenix (boxed) 29.Pitfall 30.Pole Position II 31.Q-Bert 32.Quickstep 33.Secret Quest 34.Riddle of the Sphinx 35.River Raid 36.Space Attack 37.Space Invaders 38.Space War 39.Sprintmaster (boxed) 40.Stampede 41.Telegames 42.Thunderground 43.Turmoil

I'm asking around $150
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